Framing a Perfect Career

Everyone is in pursuit of a perfect career. Everyone. Be it a just-out of-college graduate or be it an industry veteran, the passionate desire in either for that perfect career which makes life a smooth sail would be at the same high, dizzying intensity. And no, the industry veteran could not be blamed for being too greedy or avaricious or for being someone who is so obsessed with amassing wealth and power that not for a day is he willing to go off guard and relax with what he already has. Because such is the path to a perfect career. One wrong decision, one off-hand move and you could plummet into the darkness of gloom of failure, of job-dissatisfaction or even worse, of bankruptcy.

Framing a Perfect Career - BarlockforgovernorOn the flip side, would it not be a little too over-ambitious to believe that every single detail regarding one’s career could possibly be planned and set to perfection? Has anything that man has ever created reached that level of perfection or infallibleness that, say, the universe exhibits? If everyone could exercise so much control on how his/her career should be, would it not be the case where everyone on earth would be a multi-millionaire? The question arises, how much control could one possibly have on the way his/her career takes shape? how much planning could one possibly do? and how much of the plans could possibly be put into action?

One could do a lot, we say. Judicious planning and taking the right decisions definitely takes one a long way towards a great career if not a perfect career.

Finding out your true calling

The first step towards this would be finding out what your true calling is. Ask yourself questions like what sort of a person am I? Am I of the creative kind or the kind who likes maintenance or am I somebody who has a lot of transformational energy? Would I want to work on a computer the whole day or would I want a job which would have me running around and getting the chores done? Am I leader by nature or do I like being led? Do I want a formal environment to work in or would I want a fun-place? Do I want to take up a decision making job or would I prefer taking orders?

Knowing your workplace

Every work place has its culture and way of functioning. In most cases, one may have to make slight adjustments with one’s personal habits and preferences so as to get along with the company that he works with. But it is not possible to let go off all of one’s priorities just for the sake of a company. So it is important to know the work culture, work timings, work environment and the general functioning of a company before getting on-board. Opt for a job which that would not any way incriminate into and lead to the deterioration your personal or social life.

Right prioritization

To a have a clear idea what you actually seek at any point of your career is an absolute essential on the path to a great career. For instance, a fresher should have great industry exposure and opportunities to tone his skills as his prime priority and not his pay-package. But for somebody who has already spent some time in the industry, the monetary aspect and the perks and pluses that a job would give him should be the top priority.