Theater Jobs

Life imitating art, art imitating life, isn’t it funny? Congratulations to all the individuals out there who have taken their passion by heart and have chosen their higher path or calling in this wonderful world of theater arts. And if you’re aiming to reach for your dreams, aim high. If you are looking for theater job vacancies, why not go for the country’s premier institution, USA’s NT or National Theater. Wouldn’t it be amazing to work for the country’s best theater company? The National Theater employs over 850 staff in a variety of roles.

Theater Jobs - BarlockforgovernorImmerse yourself into the role of a lifetime by going for one of their work opportunities. Step up your game; it’s time to finally make it big. For starters, the company is offering Step Change. If you are in need for direction, challenge, or a change in career environment, then this NT program is best for you. They are looking for people who have at least two years’ experience in an arts organization. If you think you have the ability to play a producing role in theater and are passionate and ambitious enough to be a leader in the arts, then we highly encourage you to take the plunge.

Not only will you be paid to train your talents and skills, you will be offered development opportunities on various artistic disciplines. You would be able to build relationships with many large and small theater companies and expose yourself to great diversity in the workforce of different art organizations. If successful, you will undergo mentoring, master classes and networking with peers. But this is not the only offering that NT has in store for hopefuls like you. The NT also offers internships to successful applicants. Not only will you be paid for your expenses, you get to cultivate your creativity in an eclectic mix of new and classic repertoires.

It is an extensive program with platform performances, backstage tours, publications, outdoor events, participatory workshops, master classes, foyer music, and exhibitions. It is a complete immersion outside the rising and falling of the curtain. If you have the passion, energy, diversity, and the yearning for such, follow it. Let it guide you, let it flourish. Theater is not all about acting as you will learn in this marvelous program. You’ll learn everything from playwriting to production skills. You come in a novice, and you exit as a master.

Needless to say this is perfect for people with genuine interest in theater and arts administration. This internship will teach you valuable communication and organizational skills. On top of all this you get to work on educational and charitable projects, observe workshops, training sessions and rehearsals among many others. Being given this much opportunity comes with great duties and responsibilities. As an intern you need to support the Primary and Early Years Program Manager and Coordinator in key projects. Assisting with internal and external documents for production like proofreading, photocopying and mail outs is also a responsibility.

Another key duty is in liaising with teachers in different schools via email and phone. On top of all these, you need to maintain data management and filing systems all across the program. You are also expected to aid in the administrative aspects of trainings and workshops like organizing refreshments, coordinating all resources and room booking. These are only a few of your job requirements as an intern. If you think you have the administrative, organizational, and communication skills; If you are keen to details, proficient in computer and Microsoft applications and are a team player; if you have experience in CMS and databases and have a strong interest in arts administration and is over 18; please, by all means, feel free to apply.

Great opportunities await you as an intern in the NT. You will have access to publications and other materials, will be able to attend internal meetings and ask your questions. You will be an essential part of a passionate team where your inputs will be extremely valued. The NT is not limited to artistic jobs as they also hold relevant positions in other aspects such as accounting. In fact, they are currently looking for a senior financial accountant, a mechanical engineer, and a chef de partie.

There are many other opportunities awaiting brave souls like you out there in the city. If it doesn’t work out with one Theater Company, there are still many other opportunities with a lot more others. This industry calls for great patience and perseverance, have a wonderful journey ahead.